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Magic Hair Dye Pen

Magic Hair Dye Pen

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Great root dye! Easily solve the problem of gray hair or over-bleached roots! Mild with no additives, simple and convenient, plant hair coloring. Can also be used to add darker root to lighter wig!

HOW TO USE: 1. Gently press out the hair dye with bottom at the bottom. 2. Apply to dry, clean hair. Try not to get on the scalp, lace or hands. 3. Wait a few minutes after use and let it dry.

INGREDIENTS: Natural cuttlefish juice, green tea. It not only covers the gray hair excellently, keeps it healthy and shiny, but also maintains the hair. Green tea has antioxidant properties, green tea is rich in vitamins, soft hair will not be stiff after use. Non-irritating, odor-free hair chalk pencils are easy to use.

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