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RAW HD Indian Closures and Frontals

RAW HD Indian Closures and Frontals

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RAW INDIAN REAL HD CLOSURES and FRONTALS. HD raw hair closures and frontals are available in wavy, curly, Burmese curly and slight wave! Only a few left on hand so get yours now! True, very delicate and undetectable HD lace! MUST HANDLE WITH CARE! It’s amazingly thin and virtually invisible.. and the raw highest quality hair makes it a rare and luxurious find! All raw hair has been fully sanitized, co washed and air dried. Leave-in conditioner has also been used to lock on moisture and luster! Closures are ready to install! Please co wash raw hair regularly to preserve moisture! Invest in a good leave-in conditioner to help keep curls/waves hydrated and healthy! Remember to treat raw hair just as you would your natural hair…. Because it is ALL NATURAL!

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