Collection: Lashes and Tools

Elevate your gaze to new heights with our collection of luxurious strap lashes and meticulously crafted lash tools. Each lash strand is a work of art, enhancing your eyes with a captivating allure that's both enchanting and effortless.

Our Strap Lashes Collection offers a variety of styles to suit every occasion, from subtle elegance to dramatic flair. Experience the comfort and confidence that comes with lashes designed to fit perfectly, providing a seamless blend with your natural beauty.

But that's not all – our Precision Tools are your secret to achieving flawless lash application. From precision tweezers that grip every lash with finesse to innovative applicators that ensure perfect alignment, our tools elevate your lash game to a professional level.

In Style by Val understands that beauty lies in the details, and our strap lashes and tools are a testament to our commitment to enhancing your natural charm. Elevate your lash routine and embrace the world of In Style elegance, where your eyes speak volumes and your beauty shines through.